The EMD type long rail unloading system is a powerful machine for pulling off rails 120 to 180 metres long. It is designed for the simultaneous unloading of two continuous welded rails between the rails or on the ends of the sleepers of an existing track. All functions can be controlled via a radio remote control.

Functional characteristics

  • Can be transported on the road and deployed on the track at level crossings
  • Compliance with the bending line through height-adjustable lifting platforms
  • Independent traction drive on the track

Rail-road trailer features

  • Two running axes
  • One lifting and rotating device
  • One lifting platform with two rollers
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Electricity generator
  • Radio control for all hydraulic functions
  • Two lighting masts
  • Two telescopic coupling rods
  • Front guiding wagon

Technische Daten

Overall weight 3.500 kg
Length 5.480 mm
Width 2.510 mm
Gauge 1.435 mm
Maximum speed in both directions 4,7 km/h
Gradient max. 30 ‰
Turning circle of the trailer, max. outreach, shaft-side 3.950 mm
Turning circle of the trailer, max. outreach, rear 2.200 mm

Performance parameters

240 metres of rails can be removed for 120 metres of track in 10 minutes (under optimum conditions)
One-sided removal is not possible