The machine cleans the surfaces of railway tracks, without lifting out the ballast. Dirt is transported into the tank through special, adjustable suction hoses. This is a tried and tested method for cleaning tramway tracks, especially at stops.

Functional characteristics

  • Loosening of dirt by blowing on surface with high air pressure
  • Dirt is transported into the tank through special, adjustable suction hoses
  • Fast cleaning of tracks and highly soiled stop areas, especially tramway stops
  • High suction power
  • Road-rail vehicle
  • Fully electronic controls with camera monitoring
  • Optimum manoeuvrability
  • Environmentally friendly use

Technical specifications

Outer dimensions correspond to the standard track clearance envelope (tram)
Road-rail running gear, fully fit for rail use, with hydrostatic running gear (gauge 1,435 mm)
High-performance fan with hydrostatic drive
Electronic controls (SPS – programmable control system) with an control panel in the driver’s cab and outside
Separate compressor system for detaching the dirt
Hydraulic system with biologically degradable hydraulic oill
7 cubic metre dirt container
2,000 litre water tank
3 vacuum shafts (can be separately controlled) for the track areas: left, centre, right
Separate hand-held vacuum hose for areas difficult to reach
Low-pressure water system with spraying system for bonding the dustbes
4 cameras for re-railing and monitoring the working operations

Performance parameters

Fan 36,000 m³/h
Length of track cleaned 1,500 m/h
Volume of dirt container 7 m³
Maximum speed on rails 30 km/h
Maximum speed on the road 80 km/h