MFS 100/100 S

MFS 100/100 S

The MFS 100, MFS 100 S and MFS 40 material conveyor and silo wagons transport ballast, spoil and FPL for ballast cleaning and formation remediation work. Their main feature is the continuous conveying, storage and unloading process. The wagons also achieve controlled unloading of the construction material onto the adjacent track (construction track), for example, onto railway wagons with a smaller capacity.

Functional characteristics

  • Assembly of any number of MFS wagons to form a train with the respective required storage capacity
  • Start of the filling process at the front wagon (in working direction), the following wagons act as a conveyor line
  • Simultaneous emptying of all MFS wagons by swivelling out the unloading belts
  • Metered unloading to the adjacent track possible (construction track)
  • New ballast added in combination with the RM 900 S and RPM-RS-900
  • FPL added in combination with the RPM-RS-900
  • Ballast spread evenly by means of the MFS 100 S ballast spreader (transports ballast from the front conveyor belt for distribution into the four hydraulically adjustable ballast chutes and flaps)

Technical specifications

Length incl. conveyor belt 26,550 mm
Width 3,100 mm
Height from top of rail 4,200 mm
Bogie pivot pitch 15,100 mm
Wheel diameter 850 mm
Max. permissible payload 84 t
Engine output160 kW
Maxim speed in train formation 100 km/h
Maximum capacity 68 m³
Length over buffers 22,900 mm
Dead weight 60 t

Belt speed

Floor belt 0 – 0.55 m/s
Transfer belt 0 – 1.20 m/s

Performance parameters

Conveyor capacity 0 – 800 m³/h
Time taken to unload MFS 100 : approx.. 7 min, MFS 100 S: approx. 15 min via ballast spreader