ZECK complex laying unit

The machine is used to install overhead lines and for complex laying of new catenaries, in which the contact wire and catenary are pulled at the same time. Alternatively, a contact wire can be changed. In one operation, the old contact wire is reeled up and the new contact wire laid with a predefined tension. Another possible use is for laying railway power cables with predefined tension.

Functional characteristics

  • Complex laying and renewal of contact line installations
  • Installation of railway power systems
  • Renewal of older installations
  • Rationalization of working processes to minimize track possession times

Technical specifications

Engine Deutz BF 4M 2012
EU emission standard5
Weight 17,800 kg (without rope drums)
Spillage drive (tensioning force) 200 – 3.200 daN
Velocity when uncoiling (laying) 0 – 5 km/h (83 m/min)
Velocity when coiling 0 – 0.5 km/h (8.3 m/min)

Dimensions without truck

Length 18,400 mm
Width 3,000 mm
Height 3,435 mm

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