RR 14 EVO 2 self-propelled road-rail mobile elevating work platform

The RR 14 EVO 2 can be used universally in the terrain, on roads and on rails. The area of work extends from formation and road work through to track-laying work, whereby a working height of up to 14 metres and a horizontal outreach of up to 9 metres are achieved. A particular feature is the additionally mounted pantograph, with which the pulled contact wire of the overhead line system can be tested immediately.

Functional characteristics

  • Hydrostatic rail drive and brake system by means of hydraulic diverter (changeover)
  • Automatic levelling of the rotary turret for level working positions, in rail operation for cants up to 180 mm
  • Load-bearing capacity of the work platform up to 400 kg
  • Keyboard for user identification
  • Continuous electronic monitoring of the safety equipment by means of a data recorder (lack box)
  • Emergency auxiliary motor for all machine functions
  • Emergency generating set for lowering people on the work platform in the event of main engine failure
  • Hydraulic generating set for operating electrical equipment

Technical specifications

Max. vehicle speedroad-travel speed 2.8 km/h, rail operation: working mode 1 km/h; travel mode max. 10 km/h
Length in retracted positionroad-travel speed 7.86 m/h, rail mode 7.30 m
Gauge 1,435 mm
Main motor powerkW (HP) 36 (49)
EU emission standard 5
Tare weight 12,800 kg
Electrical power 24 V direct current
Battery performance70 Ah
Rotary turret rotation180°
Automatic can compensationup to 180 mm

Work platform

Platform dimensions 1.2 x 1.5 x 1.14 m
Max. working height14.40 m
Rotational angle180 + 180 degrees
Platform loadup to 400 kg

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